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Andrew is an authentic voice for his generation who has earned the right to be heard. Thousands of Discovery Campers admire him for his anointed worship and teaching, yet even more have been inspired globally through Young Believer’s Broadcast, of which he is the Executive Producer. He is seasoned, yet savvy, using his innovative ideas to assist his parents and pastors, Tommy and Rachel Burchfield, at Believers World Outreach Church,, Texas Bible Institute and their multiple outreaches. Andrew inspires leaders to embrace the calling and do all they do in excellence.
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Dec 31, 2015

Life is made up of seasons. Navigating through these seasons can be very challenging. In a recent interview, Andrew talks with friend and minister Dusting Martin. After 7 years on staff with churches, Dustin and Mandy Martin stepped out in faith to begin Martin Ministries International. After much counsel with his Pastor, Dustin launched out by faith. 

In this episode, you will get to hear a first-hand experience of what it's like to step out and follow God's plan for your life. 


For more information about MMI. Go to

Nov 28, 2015

Social media is either a toy or a tool; it's all how you use it. In today's episode, we are going to give you some simple things to do that will take your social media to the next level. 

1. Know Your Audience 

2. Write For Others

3. Reset Regularly 

Episode Mentions: 
Buffer App
Hoot Suite
Sprout Social

Oct 10, 2015

Procedure and process are the gears that make any great organizational engine run. Leaders have the responsibility to ensure their teams know WHAT and HOW to accomplish the daily tasks that keep ministry in motion. In this episode Andrew and Cody talk about the how to build and prove great processes. 

1. Start With The End Of Every Procedure 
2. Tear The Engine Apart
3. Document The Details 
4. Break It
5. Monitor Your Movements 
 "Documentation is the simplest way for leaders to express their definition of excellence." 
Sep 30, 2015

Mentors are the super trendy right now in the corporate world. Before they hit it big in the business world they started in the Bible. Mentorship reaches back to the New Testament where the Apostle Paul taught us to be accountable for the ability that had been given to us. This episode is full of things to that will help you find a mentor, where ever you are. 

Sep 15, 2015

Communication is the life blood of culture. In this episode we discuss the 3 things leaders can accidently do to crumble their communication. Listen to the tips and the stories that make our communication crumble at times. 


Aug 30, 2015

Abby Burchfield (my sister) has proven her passion for children and their families with both personal enthusiasm and a professional education. She’s always ready to explain what children really need, and how to develop them holistically by faith. In this episode of Loud Leadership, Abby spoke to a group of children’s leaders and volunteers at Discovery Camp. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and I know that it will help you today.


Innovative Ideas For When Ministry Gives You Lemons

When ministry gives you lemons remember…
“You build a children’s ministry by loving one child at a time.”- Pastor Tommy Burchfield

“Jesus trusts us with His sons and daughters. That is the biggest honor and largest responsibility”- Pastor Rachel Burchfield

Behind every child is a family. You are not just in children’s ministry, but in family ministry.
You can only give what you have. Stay full privately and you’ll flow publicly.
There is no such thing as a “Jr. Jesus.”

Abby’s sugar stash to help sweeten things up…
-Children’s Ministry .com [Website Reference]
-The Action Bible [Comic Bible]
-Talk Starters by Group [iTunes App]
-Google Voice [Email, direct cell]
-“Too Small to Ignore” by Dr. Wess Stafford. [Book]
-Science Experiments: Steve Spangler [Object Lessons]
-Oops paint section [Home Depot// Lowes]


Innovative Ideas for that moment when…“There’s a kid in front of me, what do I do?!”
-Connect before communicating [Connect with eyes; Connect with topic]
-Add rhythms to reinforce [Rules, Instructions, Verses]
-Invisible Bubbles [Ageless trick of the trade]
-High Fives and Hugs [Even if they don’t like it, they need it]
-Explain what they can do, not just what they can’t. [Choices build confidence]

Aug 7, 2015

Driving is a true hobby of mine. I love the idea of going 70mph down the road and looking out to feel like nothing is moving at all. Doesn’t leadership feel the same way sometimes? You feel that the day to day to is going so fast and when you slow down you realize you haven’t gone that far at all. 

This summer I had the honor of speaking to over 800 leaders stretched across 16 camps of our Discovery Camp program. Every leader is driving the vision. Your responsible for the passengers riding with you, and  the engine of the vision you're leading. We took time to talk out the 6 areas I believe every leader needs to pay attention to in order to be a great driver.

Dashboard of Destiny

1. Battery Gauge – How much energy do you have before you start the next movement?

2. Speedometer – Schedule – The faster you go the more strain takes place on the engine causing a rougher rider for all involved.

3. Temperature Gauge – Team Culture- Teams are a tension that must be managed. Leaders have to keep the balance to ensure that teams don’t run too hot or cool off.

4. RPM Gauge- Recognizing what gear the engine is in helps keeping the journey from jolting all over the place. Leaders must have the “gears” or modes of life in a sequential shifting pattern to keep things smooth.

5. Fuel Gauge – Financial Resources – We don’t see “full” and “empty” true leaders see “FAITH” and “EXCELLENCE.”

6. Oil Gauge – Without oil the engine doesn’t run as it was designed to. Oil keeps the moving parts moving. When we see OIL in the old testament it was a symbolic expression of the anointing. Leaders must have the anointing in their lives as they lead to ensure things move the way they are suppose to.

Vision Vehicle Trunk: (Resources):

Jul 25, 2015

It's true... E-mail is a nessecary evil in this world, but just because your e-mail is out of control doesn't mean we have to be. In this episode we will talk about this tips and tricks out there to manage e-mail efficiently.

E-Mail Cycles

1. Process First
2. Respond Second 


E-Mail Etiquette

SLACK (Team Communication Tool)

What is e-mail good for? 

E-Mail Health


                            E-mail is a tool. Communication must be the core. 

Jul 15, 2015

We live in a world of change. It's the only gaurentee that we have, something will change, including people. Sometimes we have a difficulty of finding the next runner for the race. Listen to how we use simple profiles to help us get a pulse on the people joining our team. 



Jun 30, 2015

Homosexuality is the hot topic in the nation today, but it's been on a Biblical radar for much longer. In this special seminar with out Texas Bible Institute students Pastor Rachel explains how to respond to this taboo topic and give the biblical answers to cultures greatest questions.


Loves Response to Culture

  • What is culture?

    • Culture is the characteristics, beliefs, customs, and attitudes of a particular group of people which distinguishes them from someone else

    • Culture is not right or wrong good or bad, it is just the way we are

  • We Have to decide our personal convictions

  • If you truly believe the Word of God is without error then you are a bold bible believer and will base all your decisions off of the written word of God

  • Dealing with Homosexuality

    • There is an intentional homosexual agenda

      • Recognition

      • Acceptance

      • Aproval

    • When a face is put with the sin it is harder to stand on your ground

    • Jesus perfectly balanced grace and mercy with confrontation and correction

    • If we respond in hate then we have completely missed the Father’s Love

  • Christian websites with info on homosexuality

  • Do not be afraid of attitudes and ideas that are contrary to the word of God

  • What does the Bible say about homosexuality?

    • 7 references to homosexuality

      • 250 references to how we use our money

      • 300 references about caring for the poor

    • According to the Word of God it is a sin...all sin separates us from experiencing the Word of God

      • The father's love is always there we just can't experience it

    • Eph 4:15 Speak the truth in love

    • Major on the majors and not on the minors when you are working with people

    • The seven references to homosexuality: Gen 19:7-11, Judges 19:16-30, Lev. 18:22, Lev. 20:13, Matt 19:4, Mark 10:6 (Jesus defines marriage), Romans 1:26, 1 Cor 1:9-11, 1 Tim. 1:9-11

  • Like frogs boiling in a pot, the temp of culture is shifting and we don't even know it

  • Leviticus is divided into three kinds of laws

    • Civil

    • Ceremonial

    • Moral

  • Moral law is still in effect the others are not (All sexual sin including homosexual sin is located here)

  • Seven Questions

    • If christians use Leviticus 18:22 to condemn homosexuality aren't they hypocrites if they go eat fried shrimp and wear jeans?

    • Are people born gay?

      • According to science: There is no conclusive evidence. There has been studies of Identical twins that do not have uniformity in sexual orientation and yet they have the exact same gene sequence

        • Romans 5:12, Ephesians 2:1 states that we are born in sin: Meaning different people may be inclined to a certain kind of sin since they were born

        • Example: Generational curses such as alcoholism

      • According to the word of God: We

    • If I have a same sex attraction am I homosexual?

      • No, We all have sinful thoughts of different types that we should not dwell on. Whatever you think on too much you will become

      • The Train Analogy : What ever leads the rest will follow

        • Thoughts: the Engine

        • Feelings/Emotions: The next car

        • Physical Body: the caboose

    • How should I respond to same sex urges?

      • The same thing you do when any other temptation comes your way.

    • Doesn't homosexuality exist in the animal world?

      • It does but, animals also eat their babies, eat their own feces, etc..

    • Homosexuality is now normal so whats wrong with it? Isn't this God’s answer for many of the orphans in the world?

      • There are wonderful loving good people ready to adopt these babies but they can’t just love who they want to love.

      • Normal means a conforming to the standard of the common type

        • Homosexuality is not statistically normal, biologically, physiological, evolutionarily

        • It may be socially accepted but it is not biblically accepted

      • We can not bend the principals of God word to suit the vocal minority groups

    • How do I respond to someone that is gay?

      • We must be accepting, loving, and not look at them as a person who is doing evil but a person who is in a trap

      • We must be compassionate to a friend who has fallen into this trap

      • We must step into some new areas and speak the truth in love

      • Galatians 6:1

      • Luke 15

      • Ephesians 4:15

      • 1 Cor 16:13

    • What relation do I have with this person?

      • Depending on the relationship you should respond differently

        • Peer or Friend: talk, listen, spend time with them

        • Relative: different boundaries

        • Leadership: be even more clear with your boundaries

    • When is the right time for excommunicating/avoiding someone?

      • Romans 16:17 and 1 Cor. 5:9- These scriptures should only be used for when you are in leadership

      • Only when you are in Leadership and you see that it is having a negative effect on the rest of the group

    • When confronting someone who believes they are homosexual use the sandwich method: confront, Lots of love, confront

    • Romans 12:31 do not be overcome by evil

      • Evil is the judgemental arrogance of christians who do not know how to respond

    • 1 Cor. 16:13-14 “Watch, stand fast in the faith be brave, be strong. let all that you do be done with love”


Jun 13, 2015

Summer can be the best of times and the worst of times for youth pastors in student ministry. Peter Burchfield, student pastor at Believers World Outrech Church, leads Embassy Student Ministries and has some thoughts about what you need to do with your summer. If you're tired of searching the internet tiredlessly looking for then next game to play, this podcast is for you. 

May 15, 2015

Music is the muscle to a movement. It keeps the movement in motion and the atmosphere in a position for massive productivity. 


Romans 14: 1- 4

Loops & Tracks Websites
Spotify Playlist 
Late Night Focus
Afternoon Grooves
Wonderful Writing Music
Worship List (Abby Burchfield adds to this frequently) 
Dirty Loops
Snarky Puppy
Apr 30, 2015

Travis Simons was kind enough to sit down with Andrew after speaking at the weekend retreat at Country Camp. He's a speaker and leader at a great church in the Dallas, Texas area. In this podcast we talk about building a bridge with the following.. 

  • Senior Leadership 
  • Your Community 
  • Your Own Leadership 
  • The Vision You Are Called To

For more information about Travis Simons you can find him at

Twitter: @travis_simons
Instagram: @travis_simons





Apr 15, 2015

We all want the "dream team" to support what we are doing. In this episode we talk about how to build the team, provide a "grace space" for mistakes, and encourage the team when we get off course. Doesn't matter the size, it's all how you thrive. 



Mar 23, 2015

Most teams never reach their potientiol merely because the leader will not give them the oppurtunity. In this podcast we are talking about what we need to do as leaders to ensure our team has what they need to truly takeover the tasks of everyday life. 



Mar 9, 2015

Leaders expect excellence, but leaders rarely provide what their description of excellence really is. Want to see more growth and a clearer picture of your vision? Defining the expectations of your excellence is one step closer to that reality. 

Feb 20, 2015

There's a science and understanding to developing a great team. In this episode, we begin the conversation of what it takes to select, train, and develop the people that help us every day stay on mission for our visions. 

Feb 6, 2015

There's a science and understanding to developing a great team. In this episode, we begin the conversation of what it takes to select, train, and develop the people that help us every day stay on mission for our visions. 

Jan 23, 2015

Most of the time what frusterates you the most is what you are called to correct. This podcast will help you identify the problem and then create ways to turn problems into oppertunities for solutions. 

Jan 4, 2015

Being loud and proud is all about how you see yourself as a leader. In this episode we will talk about the pupose of this podcast, how to be loud and proud in your leadership, and what we can learn from Jesus about being great leaders.