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Andrew is an authentic voice for his generation who has earned the right to be heard. Thousands of Discovery Campers admire him for his anointed worship and teaching, yet even more have been inspired globally through Young Believer’s Broadcast, of which he is the Executive Producer. He is seasoned, yet savvy, using his innovative ideas to assist his parents and pastors, Tommy and Rachel Burchfield, at Believers World Outreach Church,, Texas Bible Institute and their multiple outreaches. Andrew inspires leaders to embrace the calling and do all they do in excellence.
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Dec 24, 2016

Finishing is the easy part, it's the starting something that takes work. Even for leaders who get inspired with new ideas, and make personal promises "for a better year", life can still get in the way. In this episode, we talk about some things and tactics you can use to help you setup for your greatest year ever. 

Dec 20, 2016

Few things in life are more awkward than leading someone who doesn't see "eye to eye" with you. Maybe they are a few years (or generations) older and haven't caught on to the new tech thing. Possibly they are years younger and have zero work ethic and the ability to motivate themseleves. Regardless of where you stand, this episode helps us understand what it's like to lead in both directions. 



Dec 11, 2016

Leadership is about influence, but it's our influence that should leave an impact. 
How do we gauge that impact? In this episode, we talk about it and give stories, and case studies that help us all become better leaders. 

For more articles and podcasts, check it out at 

Nov 21, 2016

Consistency is a character element of great leadership. Sometimes you have to zoom out so you can zoom back into the day to day things of life. 

In this episode, we talk about consistency and why it's important for leaders of all types. 

Oct 6, 2016

It's amazing how we can talk and see the same people every day and still not have time to be honest. We started "Truth Thursday" in our team and it's helped drastically in keeping our relationships honest and deep.  

Aug 9, 2016

A few weeks ago, Andrew enjoyed his golden birthday celebrating his turn into his thirties. We thought it would be a great idea to talk about some of the greatest leadership lessons he's taken away from the first 30 years of leadership. While we don't cover all of them in this episode, we have linked to the blog post that lists all of them. 


Blog Post:



Jul 14, 2016

Taylor Gentry hosts the Millennial Broadcast on BPN Radio. BPN Radio is an internet radio station that can be found online at Andrew recently had the opportunity to be a guest on the show. We wanted to share this interview with you as we talk about finding your purpose. 



Jun 8, 2016

Take a deep dive into leadership. If your leadership doesn't go high, it's because your leadership doesn't go deep.

Leaders lead from 3 places. 

  • Spirit 
  • Heart
  • Head

Devotion is what fuels discipleship. 


May 7, 2016

It's a special episode on a special day. Listen to this episode as Andrew takes us through the story of Country Camp and how his parents said that famous, "Yes"!

We then talk about how to keep the team on the same page, and the same purpose. 


Miracle Moments by Rachel Burchfield 



Apr 15, 2016

Fashion vs. Function 


  • Fashion is a language and it speaks about your leadership.
  • Dress for the proper table. 
  • Your attire reflects your attitude of life. 
  • As a leader if you don't feel confident in your clothes, don't wear it. 



How To Create A Wardrobe Capsule


Mar 29, 2016

Technology is a toy or a tool, it's all how you use it. In this episode, Andrew gives us some popular tech tips that help his teams get more done in less time.


Daniel 12: 




"It's not about the latest toy, it's about the tools you need at that time."

Feb 29, 2016

Power is the driving force in any movement. Today we talk about the power pendulum and the perspective we need as leaders to keep in balance the purpose of the power of God. 


Smith Wigglesworth - The Anointing of His Spirit

Bill Johnson - "Jesus Christ is perfect theology."



Feb 10, 2016

"The reason we don't keep the right goals is because we don't create the right goals." - Andrew Burchfield





- How long do you have? 
- How long do you need? 

- Episode #012: People's Profiles


People Talking About Goals


Jan 20, 2016

"Moment to Movements - Creating Momentum in Ministry & Management" is a book written by Andrew that was released in December of 2015. In this episode, Cody and Andrew dive into the purpose and the profit of the book and who it's designed to help.

Episode Mentions

"When we need to create more momentum, it's time to make more moments." - @a_burchfield

  1. Jolt Your Routine
  2. Check Your Atmosphere


Link to download the book free:

Jan 10, 2016

As a producer, Andrew goes behind the scenes and helps us discover why we do what we do. This conversation talks about the difference between decision making for destiny versus details, and how to pull potential out of people close by. This kick off to to season two is sure to get things moving in the right direction.